Our unrivaled INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ services and solutions have brought great success stories and outstanding results to organizations around the country. Below are just a few examples of Salamander’s ability to add measurable value to our client’s mission of ensuring everyone goes home safely.

43rd Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
A preplanned event worked by Salamander representative Mary Harris starting on April 7, 2017.


On April 7th-9th, 2017 Salamander Technologies and the Long Beach Fire Department assisted with the 2017 Toyota Grand Prix held in Long Beach, California. Measures were taken to ensure the safety and accountability of the individuals working and volunteering for the event.

In order to manage such a large event, a substantial number of workers and volunteers were staffed to ensure public safety and event organization. One organization that staffed this event was the City of Long Beach Fire Department, ready to act in case of an emergency. Salamander worked alongside the fire department to aid in ensuring the safety and accountability of the individuals working and volunteering for the event.


The Salamander Intelligent Accountability™ solutions that were utilized throughout this event included SalamanderLive™, RAPIDTAG, COMMAND, 01 TAG App, 02 TRACK App, and GIS Mapping. All solutions were linked with COMMAND to give IC/Race Command a full operational picture at any given time. Scene-specific tags, which included photographs and credentials of the volunteers, were printed prior to the event on-site. The quick use of RAPIDTAG allowed the IC/Race Command to track event staff from other nearby agencies allowing for full interoperability.

The Long Beach Fire Department is a member of SCAAP (Southern California Accountability Alliance Partners), which includes seven different departments in Southern California. When they invited these agencies to join this event, they quickly printed tags during the event, which allowed for full interoperability.“The system was very easy to learn. From the time someone came to check in, to taking their picture, to getting their tag done, we had it down to about 1 minute,” said Meiers.


Utilizing Salamander’s suite of accountability solutions, the Long Beach Fire Department successfully tracked and reported 198 responders throughout the 3-day event in their mobile operations center. At the end of the 3-day event, detailed reports were populated providing information such as who participated in the event, what agencies the individuals were from, and the total work duration for the purposes of optimal reimbursement. SalamanderLive tracked resources in real-time allowing the IC/Race Command to have full situational awareness. Salamander would like to thank Paul Meiers and the entire staff at the Long Beach Fire Department for their commitment and dedication in the pre-planning of this event.

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