Our unrivaled INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ services and solutions have brought great success stories and outstanding results to organizations around the country. Below are just a few examples of Salamander’s ability to add measurable value to our client’s mission of ensuring everyone goes home safely.

Multi-Juristictional Search Exercise
Trans-Care in conjunction with Salamander Technologies May 12th – 14th, 2017.


The North Corman Park Search and Rescue (NCPSR) successfully hosted their first large-scale search and rescue exercise in an urban area that involved multiple agencies, volunteers, and media. The intent of the exercise was to build on a strong skill set of the Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) Community in Saskatchewan, Canada through a formalized approach to ICS and its Incident Management Principals. Such principals that were tested in this exercise included: communications, personal accountability, GIS mapping, deployment of teams and crews, ICS structure, identifying and validating credentials of personnel, and equipment inventory. Salamander Technologies was deployed to Saskatoon to assist in utilizing the INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ product suite.

To make this exercise as realistic as possible, the entire community was involved to reenact a missing person scenario. The exercise started with the Dalmeny Police Service being notified of a missing male dementia patient from a private residence.


The Salamander INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY solutions that were utilized throughout the event included SalamanderLive™, RAPIDTAG, COMMAND, TAG APP, TRACK APP, and GIS Mapping. All solutions were linked with COMMAND to give Incident Command a full operational picture at any given time.

Prior to the event, pre-credential ID badges were produced, and during the event scene specific credentials were produced for volunteers, media personnel and distinguished guests by utilizing RAPIDTAG.


The NCPSAR group successfully tracked and reported 112 responders throughout the two-day event in their mobile Command Vehicle. Due to the severe cold weather and large search radius, all responders were assigned groups and deployed in alternating units. SalamanderLive was used to track how many hours each responder had been active in the field, which unit they belonged to, which active group their unit replaced in the field, and what areas they have already searched. The TAG APP helped to track certain individuals visible on the TRACK APP and GIS Mapping. The Incident Commander located in the Mobile Command Centre used COMMAND to see which resources were in the staging area and which were out searching.

Inclusive of this exercise, one of the responders staged a personal injury. With the help of SalamanderLive, the Commander knew where the injured responder was located, who he was with, how long he had been in the field, and locate another responder with the proper credentials to assist the injured. In addition, they documented which hospital the responder was sent to for medical treatment.

With real-time technology deployed, the NCPSR found the missing patient, sooner than expected and only encompassed two of the three days assigned to the exercise. At the end of the event, detailed reports were populated providing information such as who participated, which agencies the individuals were from as well as the total duration of time everyone worked. In total, over 1,088 activity hours were tracked with to-the-second time records for each responder.

In an article from the Clark’s Crossing Gazette, the NCPSR Information Officer, Devon King, stated, “I think it’s been successful as far as people learning new skills, testing the equipment, and creating a sense of camaraderie among the participants.”

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