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City of Indio Functional Exercise
Disaster preparedness sponsored by the city of Indio


The city of Indio in Riverside County, California conducted a functional exercise. The exercise scenario focused on a vehicle borne improvised explosive device during a regional event conducted at the Indio Polo Grounds. The exercise consisted of two four-hour blocks with A and B shifts at the City of Indio Emergency Operational Center.

Salamander Solutions Used


On February 22, 2018, the city of Indio conducted an exercise to prepare and plan for a technological/vehicle borne improvised explosive device (IED) emergency situation. During the exercise, many organizations from the surrounding area participated to ensure its success. The exercise consisted of operational coordination, situational awareness/assessment and plan development to ensure the safety of the attendees at the mock incident.

During the exercise, the participating organizations warned the public of the incident and kept them informed of the scenario. A simulated briefing was held at the Emergency Operational Center to develop a situational assessment summary of the incident. Teams were able to identify positions staffing levels of OP1, OP1, and OP3 within one hour of EOC activation. During the exercise, 72 people were TRACKED from 12 different agencies (Indio Office of Emergency Management, Indio Police Department, American Red Cross, R.A.C.E.S, Riverside County EMD, Twenty Nine Palms, Cathedral City Fire Department, and the Chamber of Commerce) over an 800 hour period (includes volunteers).

After the exercise was completed, a simulated damage assessment with Public Works/Construction Branch was conducted. Additionally, a demobilization plan was developed to coincide with End Ex.

Salamander Technologies would like to thank the following organizations for their participation in the exercise:

  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
  • Cal FIRE
  • County of Riverside Sheriff’s Department
  • County of Riverside Fire Department
  • City of Indio Office of Emergency Management
  • City of Indio City Council
  • City of Indio Department of Planning and Engineering
  • City of Indio Department of Economic Development
  • City of Indio Department of Public Works
  • City of Indio Police Department
  • JFK Hospital
  • City of Coachella
  • Coachella Valley Water District
  • Indio Water Authority
  • Desert Sands Unified School District
  • American Red Cross
  • Imperial Irrigation District
  • City of Rancho Mirage
  • City of Cathedral City Fire Department
  • Spotlight Casino (29 Palms Band of Mission Indians)
  • Fantasy Springs Casino (Cahuilla Tribe Cabazon Band of Mission Indians)
  • NUSURA Inc

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