Tift County Faces Hurricane Irma
Disaster preparedness conducted by Tift County Fire Rescue


During early morning hours of Sept. 11, 2017, Tift County residents and Tift County Fire Rescue were in the direct path of Hurricane Irma. The Category 5 storm had already devastated many states along the coast as it made its way up from the Caribbean. In preparation for Hurricane Irma, Command staff utilized Salamander Technologies to ensure that multiple agencies and units throughout Tift County were pre-staged for impact.

Salamander Solutions Used


On Sunday evening, prior to Hurricane Irma approaching Georgia, Salamander Rep. Mark McColman received a call from Tift County for assistance. “Tift County Fire Rescue is fairly new to Salamander Technologies.” said Jason Walker, Lieutenant at Tift County Fire Rescue. “[Salamander has] always been very professional and easy to work with. Mark was quick to assist by instructing us on how to join two COMMAND modules together. If not for the tremendous resources within the Salamander community, our emergency situations and experiences would not have run as smoothly.”

“During the course of the storm, Command staff used Salamander to TRACK the availability and location of over 200 personnel and 60 pieces of apparatus, patrol cars, and equipment,” said Lieutenant Walker. “We kept complete accountability while answering more than 200 calls for service.” By utilizing the combination of Salamander’s RAPID TAG and TRACK solutions, Tift County successfully achieved interoperability between medical squads, law enforcement officers (from two separate agencies), fire apparatus (from two separate agencies), public works personnel, the Red Cross and the Good Samaritan Shelter to ensure the safety of civilians.

“We always knew where our personnel and units were assigned. Salamander played a huge role in making this event successful for all first responders involved,” said Joey Fowler, Fire Chief at Tift County Fire Rescue. “Last year in a similar event, we experienced difficulty maintaining accountability of our personnel. However, for this event we were prepared with Salamander. I can tell you the Salamander system has proven itself to us and other local agencies.”

“Over the past 12 years, I have personally taken part in several storm details,” said Lieutenant Walker. “This was my first time utilizing Salamander’s INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ tools and was by far the smoothest operation I have ever been a part of.”

Salamander Technologies would like to recognize the personnel from Tift County Fire Rescue, and all the agencies and volunteers that aided the Tift County community during this time of state emergency. You are all true heroes.

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