Event Management

Amusement parks, athletic events, conferences, trade shows, and concerts are some examples where a reliable accountability tool is needed to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible. Having visibility to who is on-scene at all times, as well as their location will help management if an issue should arise.

Salamander provides the critical information needed during and after an event to make sure it runs smoothly.

  • Create credentials ahead of time for pre-registered participants and attendees
  • Quickly create TAGs on-the-fly for attendees and participants
  • Track physical location of attendees / participants in real-time
  • Track incoming and outgoing of goods (food, donations, gear) to attendees
  • Print credentials on wristbands, cards, labels, or other materials
  • During an evacuation, quickly TAG attendees
  • Utilize tablets and smartphones for mobile tracking
  • Verify that credentials are valid and up to date when scanned
  • Have visibility to who is still actively on-site and when everyone has checked out of the event location
  • Quickly pull reports to help reunite family and friends during an evacuation
  • Have visibility to event costs and participation during and after an event by pulling comprehensive reports
  • TRACK equipment / inventory (phones, coats, luggage, etc.)

Recommended Solutions and Features for Event Management

Salamander leads the pack by combining all three functions into one integrated solution suite called INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITYâ„¢ that provides a real-time operational picture and visibility of jurisdiction resources to all stakeholders involved: TAG, TRACK, & REPORT. Utilizing INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY helps ensure that the RIGHT RESOURCES, are at the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT CREDENTIALS for every event.