Event Safety

There is always risk during events as they entail many people in one area. To ensure a successful and safe event, security has no boundaries and must go past the door and onto the floor. Protecting your venue not only means tracking your assets but making sure that all your participants are accounted for in case of an emergency. Also, after action reporting is critical as it helps support the ROI.

Salamander gives clients the ability execute an event successfully by providing situational awareness from start to finish.

  • TAG & TRACK all people at the event (event staff, personnel, volunteers, press, etc.)
  • TAG attendees and create individual profiles with registration status and other information
  • Help ensure proper staffing is ready and able, and have on-demand visibility during the event
  • Simple check-in and check-out capabilities
  • Establish access control for secured perimeters
  • Have real-time visibility of in-progress events
  • Create contingency and evacuation templates to pre-plan and successfully handle emergency situations
  • Interoperable with emergency services and other supporting agencies
  • Capture real-time data in comprehensive event logs for event reporting, debriefing, and payment
  • Upload documents (i.e. manuals, copy of DL, emergency contact list)
  • Use a webcam to take on-the-fly photos of people and equipment

Recommended Solutions and Features for Events

Salamander leads the pack by combining all three functions into one integrated solution suite called INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITYâ„¢ that provides a real-time operational picture and visibility of jurisdiction resources to all stakeholders involved: TAG, TRACK, & REPORT. Utilizing INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY helps ensure that the RIGHT RESOURCES, are at the RIGHT PLACE, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT CREDENTIALS for every event.