Everything Starts With A TAG

TAG is the foundation of INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™. Quickly create interoperable IDs through SalamanderLive™ or create event-specific badges to identify people in the field with our RAPID TAG solutions. The TAG solutions enable Salamander users to instantly TRACK identified resources (people & equipment) throughout events.

Our TAGS are categorized into two types: Personnel TAGS and Civilian TAGS. This is important so when viewing the common operating picture during an event, one is able to see the difference in resources: The resources that help vs. the ones that may need help.

Finally, add the ability to secure the event by validating the authenticity of each credential and the status of each person.

TAG Solutions

hard card

Physical Card
Credential containing the proprietary QR code that stores infomation to work in a comms-out environment. The QR Code also links to the profile of the resource in SalamanderLive.
TAG APP home

A mobile credential that is always up to date and provides the ability to geolocate through GIS.

The ability to TAG all resouces that are not aleady in your system and connect them to SalamanderLive. This includes visitors, volunteers, Mutual Aid, etc.
triage tag

The ability to TAG all victims at an event. This information can then be immediately shared with proper affiliations for prompt results.

Now That The TAG Is Created, We TRACK

TRACK solutions increase situational awareness by providing a real-time and cohesive view of activity. With TRACK, Salamander users have a complete and true operational picture. Through SalamanderLive, effectively manage activities by identifying resources en route and on-scene, their current location, and assignment.

TRACK Solutions

SalamanderLive home

View all resources online, anytime. See specific assignments as well as the geographical location where applicable.

Instantly TRACK the location of resources anytime, know their qualifications, and conduct PAR.

Analyze, manage, and reposition resources in a simple ICS chart view with drag-and-drop functionality.

All Activity Is Logged So We Can REPORT

REPORT provides Salamander users timely data collected from the TRACK solutions during and after an incident or event. Elements include resource usage, personnel times, patient activity, and much more. Detailed reports with to-the-second accuracy can be run for audits and reimbursements.

Remember We Account For All Resources - This Includes ASSETS

Quality asset management is an important aspect to maintaining situational awareness. Salamander’s ASSET MANAGEMENT equipment database within SalamanderLive maintains, tracks, and reports on both consumable and non-consumable assets. Assets can be issued, returned, adjusted, and audited with our INVENTORY APP. Always have a complete picture of your assets at your fingertips in real-time, all the time.


Import equipment, pull reports, and set up alerts to have full visibility to your assets.
asset menu

Account for equipment by personnel allocation and link the issuance of an asset to an event.

Areas Where Salamander Can Be Used

Salamander is able to be customized to work with the clients workflows. Below are some areas which Salamander can be used.

day to day

Day-to-Day Activities

large event

Large Scale Events




Event Response Accountability


Asset Management

family with kid riding bike

Family Reunification

time clock

Time & Attendance


Qualification & Certification Storage


Documents Storage

emergency ambulance

In Case of Emergency

field trip with kids and teacher

Field Trips / Off Premises Events

athletic football game

On-Premises Events & Athletic Events

classroom activity

Classroom Accountability

school bus

Transportation / Bus Accountability

school drill


critical infrastructure

Critical Infrasctucture

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What Others Say

“It’s a good tool. We use it, we find it very instrumental and it’s changed the way we do business for the better.”

Chad Deese
Assistant 911 Direction with Robeson County, NC

“During the course of Hurricane Irma, Command Staff used Salamander to track the availability and location of over 200 personnel and 60 pieces of Apparatus, Patrol Cars, and Equipment. Throughout the day, we kept complete accountability while answering more than 200 calls for service. Over the past 12 years, I have personally taken part in several storm details. This was my first time utilizing Salamander’s accountability tools and was by far the smoothest operation I have ever been a part of. ”

Jason Walker
Lieutenant, Tift County Fire Rescue

"This past April, 24 hours prior to an F-3 tornado that devastated a large portion of my county, we acquired the Salamander COMMAND, RAPID TAG, and Mobile Express Systems. Moreover, two hours before our training should have ended, we found ourselves activating all three systems. These three systems have brought my office a new outlook on personnel efficiency, document reliability, and organizational control. Local governments have to provide a portion of the total cost of any declared disaster/crisis. With Salamander, each volunteer and piece of equipment was logged and we were able to use this as our portion of the in-kind match for funds. The Salamander system took a tremendous burden off our financial woes. In the first 72 hours, we were able to capture $135,000 in voluntary emergency response in-kind revenue. Our Salamander systems turned out to be priceless."

Jeana Williams
Van Buren County (AR) Office of Emergency Management

"The products, first. They are simple and robust, clearly designed for field operations by real-life operators. We had a Salamander system in use seven days a week during a landfill search operation, with the equipment exposed to heat, cold, dust, dirt, mud, rain, snow, and sunlight, tracking over 1100 personnel, and nothing broke over the eight weeks of operations. That was far more severe than any torture test I could develop. Their personnel and training are very good, but none of that matters if the products don't work and survive in the field."

Alan Colon
Chair, Denver UASI North Central Credentialing Program

“Our first chance to use it was with a large wildland class where we wanted full accountability. We had students from across the state and we used RAPID TAG to quickly register the students. Then with their tags printed on the spot we used the tags to check in and out the students from their practical’s. We are a rural department and we have been using Salamander for several years as our normal P.A.R. and credential system. RAPID TAG was our next step and I am glad that our first chance to use it was a training exercise. Now more of our responders see the value of the Salamander system.”

Douglas W. Herrman
Assistant Chief, Forman Fire Department