Salamander’s ASSET MANAGEMENT solution provides users with real-time access to their invested assets. Our solution is easy to implement and even easier to use. The equipment database is stored within our secured cloud-based solution, SalamanderLive™. A vast amount of datapoints can be saved within every asset’s profile allowing for essential information to be stored and accessed whenever needed. All activity associated with the asset is logged in real-time, allowing you to pull reports real-time to generate a complete picture of your assets; where they are, status, and who has what.
  • Maximize Your Invested Assets - Increase your visibility to know what assets are on hand and are ready to be assigned
  • Instantly Locate Assets - See from afar where assets are located to easily request them, as needed
  • Assign Assets to Personnel - Attached assets to personnel to know who has what and when it was assigned to them
  • Keep Assets Up-to-Date and Ready - Set alerts to be notified when assets need to have maintenance, inspections, and more performed on them
  • Ensure Assets are Certified - Add an issue and expiration date for each asset to easily track when assets need to be re-certified
  • Efficiently Manage Assets - Use the numerous reports to know the status of assets, location, assignment, condition, and more
  • Maintain Accountability - Attaching assets to personnel allows users to know who is responsible for items on and off premise
  • Accurately Manage Anywhere, Anytime - Assign, return, adjust, and audit assets through our mobile app

Ground Level Asset Management


Our all-inclusive mobile app syncs to the personnel and equipment databases in SalamanderLive. Using this data, users can assign, return, adjust, and audit consumable and fixed assets. Users only see assets that are in stock and available. Quantities will continually increase and decrease as assets are issued and returned.

We understand the importance of being able to confidently assign assets that are available and in working condition. Users can mark assets as ‘missing’ or ‘out of service’ as they are returned so they are properly accounted for.

A simple oversight in the available quantity or status of an asset will occur. In those instances, our app is designed to easily resolve those issues by allowing an adjustment to the quantity on-hand or the status on the fly.

Auditing inventory can be cumbersome. Our solution makes the process simpler by including all auditing functions in the mobile app. Easily scan assets barcode and fill out the information within the form for each asset. All information is stored and can be reported on at any time from SalamanderLive.


Parent / State Level Visibility


Salamanders ASSET MANAGEMENT provides a solution to standardize assets throughout your jurisdiction. With Salamander’s organizational parent / child relationships, and the correct assigned permissions, all assets can be viewed from the top down, all in real-time. As assets may be needed across the State from one organization to another, quickly search for the needed asset for visibility to its location and contact information to quickly move the item where needed.


Local, State, and Federal government agencies trust Salamander for their asset tracking needs. Some examples of the assets we track for agencies include:

  • POD Assets (including PPE)
  • Safety & Emergency Apparatus
  • Weapons & Tactical Items
  • Case Files
  • Tools
  • IT Equipment
  • Electric Equipment
  • Search & Recovery Gear
  • Uniforms & Gear


Salamander is used by school districts, K-12, universities, and training institutions. You can track ALL material items for staff, student, and faculty members alike including:

  • Computers & Tablets
  • Classroom & Staff Furniture
  • Classroom Equipment
  • Band Instruments
  • Gym & Athletic Gear
  • Books, Aids, & Library Materials


The private sector of all types (technical, financial, medical, entertainment, and other industry segments) rely on Salamander to meet their asset tracking needs. Some examples include:

  • Computers, Tablets, & Mobile Phones
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Networking Equipment
  • Media
  • Medical Supplies (including PPE)
  • Documents


Construction companies of many types use Salamander's asset tracking to manage the large volume of equipment critical to their day-to-day operations. Asset examples include:

  • Consumable Materials
  • Power Equipment
  • Specialty Hardware
  • Protection Gear
  • Medical Supplies (including PPE)
  • Tools & Supplies