Use Cases

Examples of Salamander in Action

New Jersey Incident Management Team

With hiking COVID numbers across the country, the New Jersey Incident Management Team (IMT) wanted to get a jump start at preparing for any spikes within their State. They began by setting up four field medical stations to help alleviate any potential overcrowding at the New Jersey hospitals.


The field medical stations were located in Edison, Secaucus, East Orange, and Atlantic City. At the Edison, East Orange, and Atlantic City locations, the team created credentials for visitors and staff, which were used for on-scene / off-scene accountability. They also accounted for assets for the Department of Health by printing labels and tagging various items when inventorying equipment at the various sites.

Salamander Solutions Used


  • SalamanderLive™
  • Asset Management


At the field medical stations, New Jersey IMT created a credential for each personnel to use as they checked into and out of the facility. Salamander’s TRACK APP was then used to scan the credential’s QR code to quickly check personnel in or out throughout the day. Data collected through the TRACK APP instantly became available to the team so they could pull reports to see who had checked into the facility and how long they were there for.

Utilizing SalamanderLive, New Jersey IMT was able to accurately account for and database tens of thousands of pieces of equipment within 36 hours, with all priority items being tagged. One of the major benefits for the team was being able to enter a piece of equipment’s expiration date as well as being able to pull reports when items were running low or were beginning to expire.

For their consumable equipment, they created a roster sheet containing the equipment’s barcodes so they could easily scan from the roster sheet and issue out to the requestor using the INVENTORY APP. In addition to equipment being databased, over 1,000 items were photographed using the INVENTORY APP during the accounting process, enabling future visual accountability.

Using Salamander’s various reports, New Jersey IMT could see what personnel and equipment were on-scene at any time, in real-time. Since the equipment had been accounted for, the field medical stations could demobilize while the State could maintain awareness of the deployable-ready medical equipment on-hand.